BREATHING is an often overlooked healing modality. I would recommend this to anyone as an add-on to health/detox coaching or as a stand alone practice to increase your overall health and vitality. See description below.

  • Category: Breath Coaching
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours


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MOST of us are not breathing properly and this can lead to depriving our cells of the vital oxygen they need to heal and restore themselves. However, increasing one's oxygen, is not the main focus of this breath coaching, as often, lack of oxygen is not the problem. It is actually the decreased ability for the body to absorb the oxygen that it does have. The manipulating of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels is what increases one's ability to retain that oxygen. My breath work exercises focus on manipulating your body's CO2 levels so that your cells can effectively use the oxygen you are taking in. These exercises a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, combat insomnia, and improve sleep. These exercises are very accessible, and you’ll feel results right from our first session. No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple approach that is effective for everyone.  

Typically, one does not need a breath coach for long, as you will make most of your progress during the first month. After which, you can continue the breath work on your own.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone looking to overcome anxiety, balance their mind and body, enhance their quality of or ability to sleep, or just improve their overall health and mental clarity.