Initial Consultation

This is a free consultation with me in which we will discuss your health concerns and goals. See more information below:

  • Category: Initial Consultation (FREE)
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours


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If you don't already know which healing modality you would like to experience with me, this consultation will help you determine that! During this one on one, judgement-free consultation with me, we will discuss your health, your goals, and how we can go about the process of healing your body from the inside out. I will ask you questions about where you are currently, and where you have been throughout the life of your health and/or weight journey so I can get a fuller picture on how you typically approach temporary health/lifestyle changes. I will then recommend which plan I think would be best suited for you to get you on the road towards your desired goals based on your current lifestyle, personality and habits. Ultimately, however, it is you who will determine the plan that best suits you.