1 month of hands-on, detailed detox coaching specific to your needs. I will be available to you at any time throughout your booked month for questions, moral support and any emergencies that my arise. I will be checking in with you often throughout this time to gauge how you are doing with the detox and to ascertain whether any modifications need to be made for your comfort and progress. SEE DETAILED DESCRIPTION BELOW:

  • Category: Detox Coaching (Healing/Weight Loss)
  • Duration: 12:00 Hours


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This package is for those who ARE dealing with a serious/chronic health issue and may need support throughout the life of of their detox - until they have eliminated the health issue altogether. It includes a beginner's meal plan with simple recipes that anyone can make. As you get comfortable with those recipes and want to make more of a lifestyle change, more intricate recipes will be included.

I will personally develop a protocol for you specifically, based on the information you provided during our initial consultation. I will be available to support you throughout this time. This includes, answering questions (you'd be surprised how many questions can come up during this process) from what you should/should not consume during each phase of your specific detox protocol.

During any type of detox, one can experience what is known as "detox symptoms." This often frightens people into thinking they are on the wrong path or doing something harmful to their bodies. Proper detox is NEVER harmful to the body. This service makes me accessible throughout the month(s) you have booked to walk you through how to SAFELY manage or eliminate those symptoms. Often, people will revert to what they know when experiencing detox symptoms, which include taking medications, or partaking in some type of home remedy. Because these may be "off-protocol," your body could go into shock and you could have any variation of what is known as a "health crisis". These can be very scary. My coaching is focused on keeping you from having these health crises, but if you should go off our protocol for any reason, I will be there to help you get back on track - SAFELY. I will be checking on you to see how you're doing and making suggestions to modify the protocol for the day if need be.

TO BOOK: (NOTE: This should only be booked AFTER you have already had your initial consultation. If you have not had your consultation yet, please book that first. It is free). Once you have had your consultation with me, please select a date at LEAST 48 hours before you would like to begin your detox. Then select a start time. This will be the time we will go over your official protocol one on one.