1, 50-minute Reiki Session (In-Person). CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. See detailed description below.

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  • Duration: 00:50 Hours


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Did you know that our bodies begin gathering and storing energy before we are even born? Even the birthing process can register in our bodies as trauma. When not recognized and released properly, these traumas and other emotions can create energetic blockages that can cause emotional and relational issues as well as serious illnesses. 

Reiki is an extremely powerful healing modality. It is the process of inducing deep relaxation as a tool to allow the body to recognize its energetic blockages and begin the process of re-awakening its natural ability to keep energy flowing throughout the body in a more balanced way. A Reiki session will help to start loosening up these blockages. Depending on the severity of the stagnation, multiple sessions may be recommended. It is important to note that a Reiki practitioner is not "healing" your body. They are simply interceding on your behalf to facilitate your body's natural, God-given ability to heal itself. Afterall, your body is your doctor. Due to modern demands on our time and attention, our minds and bodies are often constantly in "fight or flight" mode. A Reiki session will induce your "rest and relaxation" mode so that your body can have the chance to see where its healing attention is needed and subsequently begin its healing process.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who feels off-balance, anxious, stagnant, or lethargic. 

TO BOOK: Find an available day and time that works for you, where you can block off at least an hour, and select "book now". The session itself lasts for 50 minutes and it is recommended that you take some time after the session to slowly re-awaken your mind and body from its relaxed state. Take your time when standing up and drink lots of water for the rest of the day.