Reset Your Life!

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  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
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This package includes all of the healing modalities I offer in one. During this month long, full life reset, I work one on one with you to show and teach you a number of healing modalities including either detoxing or up-leveling your diet. This includes one on one yoga classes, breathwork, meditation and energy tapping exercises tailored specifically to your needs. During this month, you will learn how to incorporate these practices into your life, no matter how busy, to invite more awareness, presence and gratitude into your daily life. These practices are known to drastically reduce, and in some cases, eliminate depression and anxiety. The extended practice of this type of lifestyle, has been proven to reverse other illness and disease and to drastically increase your quality of life. Together, we will access where are you are in your life currently, where you would like to go, and I will arrange a program specifically to help you get there. It didn't take one thing to break your body down, and it won't take one thing to get it back on track. This offering WILL change your life! Email for more info!  

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who is frustrated with life and wants a new start, yet you have no idea how to get started.

TO BOOK: Please select a date at LEAST 48 hours after today's date. The time you select will be our first session. When entering your info, place the desired times of your other sessions in the description box. After booking, I will contact you to confirm additional days/times. If necessary, we will change the desired schedule accordingly.