Hi! My name is Shannone and I help people heal from major or minor illness and restore their mind/body health balance through various methods including detox, hot & cold therapy, breath work, yoga, mind/body movement, meditation and various energy healing modalities including Reiki, Quantum Healing and tapping. I am a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Breath Coach and Reiki Practitioner. I healed my body using a combination of various methods, which created a desire in me to learn exactly how to help others do the same. My detox protocols include a unique combination of the methods of Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., Alfredo Bowman (Dr. Sebi), Anthony William (The Medical Medium) and the fasting method I studied under Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - all pioneers in the field of healing, whose protocols have collectively healed over thousands of people from "dis-eases" such as cancer, HIV, AIDS, herpes, auto-immune illnesses, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer's, depression and anxiety, just to name a few. My protocols are unique to each person I coach depending on their specific needs and personality types, and they range from quickly reversing extremely time-sensitive health crises to more slow, methodical and accessible lifestyle changes. All of my protocols are centered around the development of cultivating deeper self-love and connection to oneself and to be able to listen to the messages your body is sending you. Our bodies are always communicating to us, however most of us have lost our ability to hear and understand the messages until our condition is already dire. I have personally coached people through making massive health changes, including shrinking dangerous tumors in less than three weeks, eliminating gastritis symptoms in less than one week, testing negative for the herpes virus after testing positive for many years, and much, much more. With very few exceptions, there is nothing that cannot be healed!!! YOU have the power to take back your health. I believe one must take a holistic approach to healing. Since it does not take just one thing to break our bodies down, it does not take just one thing to restore them back to optimal health and vitality. It is important you realize that it is completely within YOUR power to heal YOUR body, mind and soul - and that healing can last for the rest of your days on this planet! I am here to help you get started on that journey, and to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools so that you can take your healing power into your own hands.

For more information on some of the techniques I use, please visit the resources page.

For information on whether or not detox is right for you, please visit the F.A.Q. page.

To inform you throughout the coaching process exactly how to heal yourself; how to hear and understand your inner voice, which tells you exactly what you need at any given time; how to tune into and trust that voice, as it is a most intelligent consciousness.

One of the greatest blocks to our healing journeys and our ability to tune into our bodies, is our judgements of ourselves, and believe it or not, of others. My method includes learning how to notice where you are judging yourself, and others (because our judgement of others is ALWAYS a mirror of how we judge ourselves) so that you can replace that judgement with compassion, an absolutely necessary element of the healing process.

I believe in BALANCE and I strongly advocate it to my coachees. It is very easy to get hyper-focused on all of the unhealthy things we are exposed to with and without our knowledge/consent. While I make it a point to share which foods and products in our environment are most detrimental to our healing journeys, I also recommend choosing your individual battles. Too much of any extreme is not healthy in my opinion. This life is meant to be lived and ENJOYED to the fullest! We are meant to experience a myriad of different cultures, cuisines, environments and adventures! And as someone who has traveled the world extensively and lived in various countries, I truly believe that it is very difficult to live fully in the moment if you are too concerned with your health ALL the time. Everyone's definition of balance is unique to them. My goal is to help you find YOUR unique balance - whatever that means for you!

Most of my coachees are usually able to continue their journeys alone without me after simply one month of coaching. It is my strong desire that everyone understands how the body works, together in conjunction with the mind and the soul to heal itself wholly. Though this knowledge has been suppressed for a very long time, I believe now is a time of great awakening, where the information will fall on many, and many will be able to heal themselves. I urge my coachees to share with others what they now know, as we all awaken into enlightenment!
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