In 2017, my body went haywire. It started at the beginning of the year, and it seemed that with each doctor's visit throughout that year, I continued to be diagnosed with something "incurable," until I had over 7 "illnesses"  that doctors didn't have a remedy for. From eczema, to shingles, to HPV, to ovarian cysts (6cm and 11cm), to 3 grapefruit-sized fibroids, to hair loss, to a condition I'd never heard of called cytolytic vaginosis, it became very clear that my body was literally screaming to get my attention.

I wish I could say that I immediately knew what to do or where to turn. But I did not. I felt lost, isolated, and extremely lonely. Having been a vegetarian for my entire life, and vegan off an on, I felt blindsided. I had long prided myself for being very aware of my body, for being able to tell something was "off" before even having real symptoms. In these situations, I would immediately revert to my home remedies that had kept me from even getting a common cold for nearly a decade. I thought I knew my body! How could it betray me like this - with all of these conditions, viruses and tumors that snuck up on me? I was angry. I was frustrated. I was mad at myself and at my body. I felt deceived - like I didn't know anything at all. Like everything I had ever been taught was incorrect. I would wake up in the middle of the night sobbing into my pillow. I did not realize until after the fact that throughout this entire time, I had grown quite depressed by my physical condition. It occupied my thoughts most of the day....and night.

However, something was happening during those sleepless nights. Each time I was awoken by my sadness, I was guided to do some research online, and every night I did, I was led to some new information. I couldn't get enough answers. The first bits of information I was coming across did not seem helpful to me, as it only showed what I had already feared - that I could do NOTHING to get rid of any of my ailments. However, the more I researched, the closer I got to the answer that I somehow knew all along, deep in my heart. They ALL have a cure! NEARLY EVERYTHING DOES! Our bodies are brilliantly designed to heal themselves! They take a beating for most of our lives due to the toxins not only in our food and water supplies, but also in the air we breathe, in the particles our skin absorbs through that air, and the products we use, yet they still keep most of us in relatively good condition until we have reached our average "life expectancies" and for many of us, far beyond that. Imagine what they are capable of when placed in an environment most optimal for healing? They can HEAL...QUICKLY!

The more I studied, the more I realized that, by helping/healing myself, I could also help others suffering from the same ailments I had. I became ravenous for information. I studied and practiced in my spare time to get certifications in understanding how to heal and detox the body, with fruits, vegetables, herbs, fasting, yoga, meditation, breathwork, tapping, energy work, and more. The more I studied, the more information I received and the more I realized how easy it was to heal the body of ANY ailment. I became aware that I could even help people heal even from conditions I had not suffered from. I meditated A LOT. I went into a long period of solitude and fasting, seeking answers - and those answers came. Some through trial and error, some through the process of elimination, and many more through my suddenly heightened intuition. Everything started making sense and I became aware that MUCH of what I had "known" throughout my lifetime, was simply just not true! I had to spend so much time digging deep to uncover these truths that are skillfully hidden from us. Why? Because for large corporations, there's no money in people knowing they can heal serious illnesses and improve their mental health virtually for free.

It is now my passion to help people understand how to actually HEAL their bodies and bring them into a state of wellness. Combining knowledge with intuition, I have helped countless people establish a deep connection between their minds, bodies and inner-beings, and as a result, heal their bodies fully. No one way works for everybody. We are each unique and different in our own ways. Now is the time for you to understand exactly WHO you are, WHY you're here, and as a result, foster a deeper love for your BE-ing in this beautiful journey we call life.

- Shannone Holt
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